Horses of the Solar System

Mindsea horses dwell on a level of reality that enfolds the human universe. Impervious to harm from the forces of our world, they make the planets their playground. Though it is too dangerous to ride them, they will respond to human signals.

Start by exploring the Solar System. Each world has an equine defender, and one of them will be yours. Choose your champion carefully, as you won't be able to rechoose once you start racing.

Every race is a match race between your challenger and the world's current champion. The races are trail races that follow a course punctuated by unworldly obstacles. You will need to learn how to coax your horse through every kind of obstacle so that it can leave the opposition in the dust.

Once your horse is fully trained, you can conquer most worlds, but some champions will be too tough for it. Then you will need to breed your horse. By choosing the offspring with the best qualities, you will create a bloodline of champions. Eventually, one of them will have all that it takes to defeat the fiercest opponents and rule the Solar System!

Conquer Ninety-Nine Worlds of the Solar System!

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