Racing on Neptune

Solar System Derby

In a future where humanity has colonized the Solar System, space horseracing will be a popular sport. Mindsea horses descended from the legendary white stallion of Mars will gallop across the sun-drenched craters of Mercury, the dusty red plains of Mars, the cloud-oceans of Saturn. Native to a deeper level of reality from which our world and others like it are generated, mindsea horses are unaffected by extremes in temperature, gravitational fields, atmospheric pressure, or caustic chemicals.

Because humans are not evolved to function on their level, the horses have no riders. Instead, they are guided by signals flashed to them by their backers.

Each time the horses go around a track, players have the opportunity to signal their chosen horse and observe their horse's response. Players who learn the right cues to bring their horses across the finish line first can win a fortune.