white stallion

Horse Racing in Space

Train a racehorse and challenge the greatest equine champion in the Solar System!

Descended from the white stallion of Mars and the rogue black filly Ahaha, herds of wild Torsa horses roam a superfield that enfolds the fields of spacetime where humans dwell. Because they can pass unharmed through phenomena deadly to humans, it is unsafe to ride them. However, the horses respond to signals flashed at them. They can be trained, and they love to race.

No horse has yet beaten the white stallion of Mars in a race across the eight planets of the Solar System. Can you find such a champion? There are countless horses to choose from, and you can create still more with a careful breeding program.

Training is the key to making your chosen horse into a winner. Many horses show blazing speed on some planets, but you may have to explore many strategies before you get your horse to reveal its top speed on all the planets.

If your horse can win races on all eight planets without suffering a defeat, it will be ready for the grueling match race with the white stallion of Mars. You will need to master additional strategies, including optimal use of the entangling effect, in order to win this final race. If you should ever sell one of your old champions to make room for a new one, you will face your former horse in the match race as well.

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